Complete Sparkle


from $297.00

Your Get:

Includes all features from Extra Sparkle 

  • High Pressure Wash & Clean including Wax Shampoo
  • High Pressure Rinse
  • Your vehicles Windows Cleaned
  • Tyres Cleaned And Glossed
  • Interior Vacuumed
  • Ashtrays Cleaned
  • Exterior finished with a Chamois Dry
  • Paintwork Soft Polish & Rejuvenated (upgraded to diamond cut & polish exterior)
  • Rubbers & Exterior Plastics Treated & Waterproofed
  • Chrome Polished
  • Boot Vacuumed
  • Door Jams & Water Trail Areas High Pressure Cleaned
  • Vehicle dressed and presented.

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**for a sedan incl. GST **Note: From price based on small sedan less than 3 years age.


Meguiars Diamond Cut, Polish & Buff, Final Inspection, Product Application, Seats, Carpets and Boot areas shampoo extracted with anti bacterial, Wheel Arches Cleaned, Dashboard & Console Treated, Door Rubbers & Jambs Cleaned, Mats Detailed Interior Panels Cleaned, Engine Bay & Under Hood Cleaned, Spot cleaning roof “lining 

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About The Complete Sparkling 

About The complete sparkle


Your vehicle, after your house is the probably the second biggest investment you have made. Investments are best protected. Car Sparkles Complete Mobile Car Detailing Package has been specifically tailored to ensure your investment is maintained. Not only is your car going to look and feel great with you driving it today, but it’s going to look better for longer. Are you Selling, just bought or upgrading your Vehicle ? When it comes time to a trade-up or selling your vehicle it is important to present your vehicle at its best. Our Complete Package is designed to impress. You will not only get a quicker sale of your vehicle but more than likely obtain a higher price as well. If you have just purchased we can provide a vehicle transformation for you as well.

1. Meguiars Cut, Polish & Buff

Car Sparkle uses, recommends and is trained plus accredited for the use of the famous Meguiars polishes. We use different grades of polishing products and we access the best suitable grades on site prior to commencing polishing your vehicle. Our paint correction processes will remove most common scratches and imperfections on your duco. Bonded contamination is removed to leave a smooth as silk, high gloss end result, Washing and cleaning will never be easier from here, dirt and grime are less likely to stick and adhere to your duco. Water will simply bead away, our cut and polishing process will leave you with a long lasting shine result. Our polishing product range has been developed and tested specifically for optimal protection, shine and depth, you can actually see and feel the difference.

2. Final Inspection Product Application

Attention to detail is a vital part of the process if professional results are to be fully realized. That’s why Car Sparkle takes the time to hand buff your duco once the polishing steps have been completed. We also apply a “Final Inspection” product over the vehicle to help remove unwanted residue left behind. This product does not remove or strip polish but actually adds a small wax coating on top.

3. Seats & Carpets Shampooed

Men sweat, ladies perspire, children and the family pet drop and spill a variety of items that can stain your seats and carpets. Uncleaned these add odours to the vehicles interior and really become unsightly. Professional Shampooing aids in cleaning and restoring the look and feel of your seats and carpets, while reducing unpleasant odours in your car. We use a high grade Italian extractor machine with a anti bacterial and a fabric enhancer in order to achieve the best possible results. Leather-we hand clean with a special product to brighten and remove in ground dirt NOTE- Animal and pet hair removal at additional cost.

4. Wheel Arches Cleaned

A professional wheel arch clean ensures all traces of mud, chemicals and unwanted road material is removed,

5. Dashboard & Console Treated

Dust, sneeze marks, dirt and even rain spots accumulate on your dashboard and console. A Dashboard and Console clean treatment leaves your instruments and accessories looking spotless .

6. Door Rubbers & Jambs Cleaned

Dirty Rubbers and Door Jambs hinder proper operation of your doors, reduce the sealing ability of their design. A professional clean assists in proper operation, adds life to rubbers and completes the overall look of your cars body detail.

7. Mats Detailed

They look great when we first by the car or when we buy them from that car accessory shop. But they quickly become covered in dirt, mud, dust and anything else that you and your passengers have been standing in. A professional Mat clean really is an important part of your cars health regiment therefore we shampoo these with our extractor machines.

8. Interior Panels Cleaned

Scuff marks, dust, grime and rain drops marks can accumulates on your Interior Panels. Every nook and cranny becomes a trap for all kinds of undesirably materials. A professional clean will ensure your Interior Panels look great.

9. Engine Bay & Under Hood Cleaned

You might not see it all that often, but your engine probably says more about the condition of your car than just about anything else, especially to a buyer. A clean shining engine is not only easier to maintain it provides an instant and lasting impression. Car Sparkle uses a environmentally friendly cleaner to achieve a super clean engine and under hood area that completes the overall detail of your vehicle.

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