Extra Sparkle

from $ 242.00

Your Get:

Includes all features from the Sparkling Wash;

  • High Pressure Wash & Clean including Wax Shampoo,
  • High Pressure Rinse,
  • Your vehicles Windows Cleaned,
  • Tyres Cleaned And Glossed,
  • Interior & Boot Vacuumed
  • Ashtrays Cleaned
  • Exterior finished with a Chamois Dry


  • Paintwork Soft Polish & Rejuvenated
  • Rubbers & Exterior Plastics Treated & Waterproofed
  • Chrome Polished
  • Door Jams & Water Trail Areas high Pressure Cleaned

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**for a sedan incl. GST **Note: From price based on small sedan less than 3 years age.

About The Extra Sparkle 

1. Paintwork Soft Polished

Our Polishing treatment is a vital step that beautifies and helps to protect your exterior against the harsh Australian elements. To truly bring out the natural Sparkle of your vehicles paintwork, we use only the best polishes. Car Sparkle use and endorses the famous Meguiars range of essential car care polishes and products in order to bring to you a truly professional Sparkle. A glisten and gleam you won’t believe and the end results are a show like shine. Mequiars have been producing vehicle polishes and products for over 100 years, made in the USA and is recognized as a major leader in its field for superior product ranges.

2. Rejuvenate That Shine

Unless you never drive your car and leave it covered up inside your garage it is exposed to the worst elements Australia can throw at it every day. From rain and hail to the baking hot sun your car is bathed in the extremes, often for up to 12 to 24 hours a day. Car Sparkles formulated a treatment not only that shines but protects and rejuvenates your paintwork ensuring it looks great and completes the body protection process. NOTE- Soft polish application treatment only provided. -Recommended for later model Vehicles in good condition and this process will generally only remove light imperfections. -For the complete paint correction process which involves our Cut and Polish treatment please refer to our Complete Sparkle package.

3.Rubbers & Exterior Plastics Glossed

Like your cars panels and body the rubbers and exterior plastics are blasted by nature. Over time causing them to become dull and dry. With the rubbers and exterior plastics glossed you will certainly notice the difference. Our difference is the attention to detail. Your Vehicle was designed to be attractive, look great and pleasurable to drive. Faded exterior fittings diminish that experience, which is why Car Sparkle use Meguiars treatments to enhance the trimmings that constitute the lines and feeling of your car.

4. Chrome Polished

Nothing impresses like Polished Chrome! Polishing looks impressive and regular treatment ensures the Chrome remains in first class condition.

5. Boot Vacuumed

A boot with grit and grime is not only unsightly but contributes to odours in the interior of your car. No treatment would be complete without a thorough vacuum of your cars boot, removing grime, dirt, leaves and other foreign material that accumulates during day to day driving, shopping and general carrying of items.