Sparkling Wash

from $ 77.00

Your Get:

High Pressure Wash & Clean including Wax Shampoo, High Pressure Rinse, Your vehicles Windows Cleaned, Tyres Cleaned And Glossed , Interior & Boot Vacuumed, General interior clean including consul and dash 


Ashtrays Cleaned , Exterior finished with a Chamois Dry

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**for a sedan incl. GST **Note: From price based on small sedan less than 3 years age.

About The Sparkling Wash 

Car Sparkle’s Wash Process

[quote]Regular washing ensures your vehicle is always looking its best and will help maintain its overall appearance for years to come

1. 100% Water Compliant

To ensure a truly “Sparkling Wash” Car Sparkles mobile detailing is fully equipped with power and water. In fact we are 100% Water Compliant in line with government regulations. This means your wash is not only good for your car but environmentally friendly too.

2. High Pressure Spray Combining Your Wash, Wax and Shampoo

We come direct to you, using our mobile technology to provide you with a deep cleansing High Pressure Spray, Shampoo and Wax . This treatment removes damaging grime that accumulates on a day to day basis – even when you are not driving harmful substances and foreign matter degrade and damage your cars duco. It is important that your cars duco is washed and cleaned thoroughly prior to our drying process. Once the vital step of cleansing your cars duco is completed, we help protect it for the future by using an additional spray wax and we aim to achieve a streak free, high shine result.

3. Chamois Dry

An important step to cleaning your vehicle, we dry your vehicle using our top quality Chamois. It’s that job you all too often just don’t have time to complete yourself. We dry the door jams and wheels using separate allocated chamois for the job, we do not mix these chamois with the above duco ones.

4. Windows Cleaned

Grubby marks, grime and fingerprints make windows difficult to see out of and look unsightly. Car Sparkle makes sure your windows are crystal clear and Sparkling to match the rest of your freshly cleaned vehicle.

5. Tyres Cleaned And Glossed

With your vehicle now Sparkling it’s the attention to detail that makes the difference. Just washing a tyre doesn’t give it that “showroom” result. Car Sparkle turns it’s attention to your tyres. Your tyres and wheels are fully cleaned then the rubber is black glossed along with all the wheel arches.

6. Interior & Boot Vacuumed

Mud, dust, damaging sand and gravel are picked up by your shoes and eventually makes its way into your interior. Some of it is microscopic, but over time it builds up, destroying upholstery, carpets, consoles and interior fittings. Car Sparkles mobile car detailing service uses industrial strength vacuum cleaning to remove the finest particles, reducing the accumulation.

7. Ashtrays Cleaned

It’s not enough to empty an Ashtray if you smoke. Lingering ash and tobacco residue can build up. For a complete finish Car Sparkle cleans and washes ashtrays. Sparkling Wash Mobile Car Detailing Service Call: 0416 237 345 Need More Than A Sparkling Wash Mobile Car Detailing Service? See Car Sparkles Complete Range Of Car Detailing Services.