Swirl Removal

from $ 220.00

Your Get:

Car Sparkle specialize in Swirl Removals and provide a complete exterior paint correction process. Exterior Paintwork is cut & polished, corrected complete with an application of our carnauba wax seal

Our process will result in smooth high gloss paintwork finish.

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**for a sedan incl. GST **Note: From price based on small sedan less than 3 years age.


We eliminate those unsightly swirls generally caused by incorrect polishing methods. Swirl marks can also be caused from incorrect washing procedures, especially when sponges are used as these tend to retain dirt particles and can cause damage and washing marks to paintwork.

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Swirl Removal

Swirl Marks After Polishing Your Car – You Need A Pro!

Swirl marks after polishing your car ? You’ve probably seen a lot of cars with this problem, I know I do weekly. Those unsightly swirl marks that appear after you, or somebody else, has polished your car. Doesn’t matter if it’s hand or machine polishing the reason is nearly always [...]