Swirl Marks After Polishing Your Car – You Need A Pro!

Swirl marks after polishing your car ? You’ve probably seen a lot of cars with this problem, I know I do weekly. Those unsightly swirl marks that appear after you, or somebody else, has polished your car. Doesn’t matter if it’s hand or machine polishing the reason is nearly always due to abrasive particles in the polish that have not been broken down and are, during the polishing process, moved around the paintwork with the pad. The result is tightly spaced swirl marks and marring when the polish is wiped off.

A professional knows how to avoid this by ensuring the excess polish residue on the pad is brushed off regularly or if polishing by hand then selecting a fresh applicator pad. A professional also knows to avoid wiping abrasives that are not broken down across the paint surface. Finally a professional chooses the right grade of polish for the job. That means selecting a less abrasive polish in order to avoid unsightly swirl marks and marring which otherwise only end up making the paint look worse than when the process began.

At Car Sparkle, using the famous Meguir’s car care technology, we offer a specialized Swirl Removal service. We provide a complete exterior paint correction process. The exterior paintwork is cut & polished and then corrected, complete with an application of our carnauba wax seal to ensure a professional finish. We eliminate those unsightly swirls generally caused by incorrect polishing. methods.

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