Odour In Your Car – Get Rid Of It !

Odour in your car can really take the shine off of driving, particularly when you carry passengers. It’s not only unpleasant it’s embarrassing!

Getting rid of trapped car interior odours can be a struggle, worse if you own an older car.

Odours can start after an accident your pet caused in the back seat. The the smell of stale cigarette smoke. Mud, dust and dirty in your carpet and upholstery or young children or other passengers being physically sick in the car.

How To Get Rid Of Odour In Your Car
CarSparkle, we come to you, brings the professional Meguiar’s odour elimination products. By employing Meguiar’s odour eliminating technology CarSparkle can permanently remove the toughest smells in the car – not simply by covering it up with scent – like some other services and products.

Keeping Your Car Smelling Nice
Of course, there are a lot of things you can do yourself to help minimize odour in your car.

  • Check under the seats and remove all rotting food, trash, and lost items.
  • Check back seat pockets and remove unnecessary items.
  • Throw out old stained maps and paper.
  • Make sure children don’t eat sticky lollies in the car.
  • Have your car professionally detailed regularly, rather than allowing odour in your car to build up over time.

One potential source of odors If you have child seats in the car, check the pull-out drink containers and under the seat cover as well. Food and drink can be lodged in any of the these places without you realizing.

The Pet Odour In Your Car Problem
If you’re a pet owner who transports their pet in the car, you probably don’t realize the car smells of dog or cat. This is because we become used to smells over time. It’s only when a friend or passenger tells you that your car smells that you probably realize you have a problem.

Pet odour in your car is not going to do anything to enhance it’s resale value or make being a passenger pleasant. Getting rid of the pet odour in your car is an investment in the longer term in terms of your cars value – and your passengers will certainly appreciate it.

Breathing, Asthma And Odour In Your Car
While most common car odours are not likely responsible for causing breathing problems and triggering Asthma, the source of the odour may well be. Pet hair, dirt, dust, grass and grass seeds all build up in your carpet and upholstery. All of these items have been linked to allergies. Part of the process of removing odour from your car is in fact a thorough vacuum and shampoo.

The CarSparkle Complete Sparkle Detail includes an interior shampoo and treatment that helps get of odour in your car.

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