Car Detailing In Melbourne – What’s Involved

Exterior car detailing begins with thorough washing, followed by a process that brings a shine to your car’s paint, wheels, tyres and of course chrome work. Naturally other components on the outside of your car are not overlooked when a complete Car Detailing Package is booked.

At Car Sparkle our techniques include using the famous Maguire’s products. Our goal when exterior car detailing is to clean, polish and protect.

Includes the correct application of a professionally selected wax which helps remove fine scratches, swirls, oxidation and other common imperfections, from your cars paintwork.
Includes the application of a protective wax that helps prevent foreign matter from adhering to your car’s paint surface. Things like bugs, water, splatter, tar and dirt.
[/unordered_list] Cleaning involves the removal of all foreign particles from exterior surfaces.


Interior Car Detailing

Interior car detailing means the inside of your car, as well as the boot, are clean too. While obviously your car’s interior will look nicer, it also helps reduce odours such as cigarette smoke, pet hair and other unpleasant smells.

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