Pre Sale Car Detailing Melbourne Checklist

Preparing Your Car For Resale
While most people will get the best value by ordering professional Pre Sale Car Detailing, such as the Complete Sparkle package from Car Sparkle, we thought you might find Pre Sale Car Detailing Checklist useful.

The first order of business is to give your car a thorough clean. By thorough we mean meticulous. A clean car is a good looking car. It appears well cared for, is more likely to shine in the sun and of course that means it’s going to be easier to sell. This is why car dealers often wash clean cars. The “wet look” tends to make even old paintwork look better.

The items we find people most often forgot include:

  • Vacuuming the interior
  • Shampooing the carpet and upholstery
  • Wiping dust from surfaces
  • Shampoo and polish the exterior
  • Clean the windows
  • Blacken the tyres
  • Using a commercial degreaser helps under the bonnet:

Clean under the bonnet
Wipe any radiator or oil spills
Basic things really matter. Make sure simple mechanical repairs – in particular those that are unsightly or noisy – are fixed. Replace light bulbs and fuses if they aren’t working. Pull off those bald tyres and replace with “legal” tread. If possible repair or replace a broken stereo, use seat covers on torn upholstery and replace cracked a windscreen.

When it comes to cleaning, waxing and polishing and that “complete car yard shine” you will probably find a professional detail easier to manage. Car Sparkle is able to offer you a professional Pre Sale Car Detailing service, including all the items in the checklist above and more. We offer a complete service, using the famous Maguires car detailing products to assist you in selling your car. 100% Water Compliant. We professionally clean and detail your car. A complete, personal service. We come to you.

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